We are a Catering establishment which provides food both local and continental dishes for our customers and we take orders for weddings, parties and any type of anniversaries.

Vision: Our vision at De Rash Eatery and Catering Services is to be the premier destination for extraordinary catering services. We aspire to set new standards in culinary excellence, event execution, and customer satisfaction. By continuously pushing the boundaries of culinary artistry, embracing sustainability practices, and fostering meaningful connections with our clients, we aim to become a symbol of culinary innovation and excellence in the catering industry

Mission: At De Rash Eatery and Catering Services, our mission is to create unforgettable culinary experiences that delight the senses, celebrate diversity, and bring people together. Through meticulous attention to detail, creative innovation, and a passion for exceptional service, we aim to exceed our client’s expectations and make every event a cherished memory

premium meals

  • Fried rice with chicken
  • Jollof rice with chicken/beef
  • Waakye
  • Plain Rice
  • Riceballs
  • Fufu
  • Banku with Okro/groundnut soup/grilled tilapia
  • Pizza
  • Cake and any kind of pastries

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